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7th volume of international floorball tournament
27.6. - 30.6.2013 in Brno

for men without any limitation, overall limit of 60 teams

for women plus junior girls, overall limit of 24 teams

for male players born in 1976 and earlier and for
female players born in 1981 and earlier, overall limit of 16 teams

Non-registered players - AMATEUR 
only for non-registered players and for players from lower regional leagues. Players who participate in nation - wide competitions must not attend this category with exception of players over 35 years old. (Czech Republic – Extraleague, 1st male league, 2nd male league, 1st junior
BU19 league, 1st junior BU17 league; Slovak Republic – Extraleague). The change against last year's volume is that it is also forbidden to attend this category for players who played in nation - wide competition of men, women, juniors or cadets last season. If you are not sure which category you should apply to, please consult this with the organizer. Overall limit of 60 teams.
Category of non-registered players is played by 4+1 system on the playground, which is 34x17
meters large.


5th volume of youth international floorball tournament
20.6. - 23.6.2013 in Brno

Juniors born in 2004 and younger /limit of 16 teams/ BU9
Juniors born in 2002 and younger /limit of 24 teams BU11
Juniors born in 2000 and younger /limit of 24 teams BU13
Juniors born in 1998 and younger /limit of 24 teams BU15
Juniors born in 1996 and younger /limit of 16 teams BU17
Juniors born in 1994 and younger /limit of 16 teams BU19
Junior girls born in 1994 and younger /limit of 16 teams GU19

Nomination of NO older player then the category limit is allowed for each team.

The game time for all categories is as following:
group matches
2 halfs of 15 minutes

play-off matches
2 halfs of 20 minutes,
during the last 3 minutes of each match time is being stopped for every break, if the play-off match result after standard game time is being tied, immediate series of 5 penalty shootings takes place

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